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distance learning

We are excited to begin classes again on Monday, March 23 2020. Please reference the items below to ensure your student(s) are ready to go.

Distance Learning Check List:

▢ My student(s) have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop,or smart device available.

▢ We have internet provider access available.

▢ My student(s) have accepted the Google Classroom e-mail invitation to all their classes.

▢ We have reviewed the live, online teaching schedule for all St. Gerard Teachers.

▢ My student(s) have the "Google Classroom" and "Zoom" apps downloaded on their mobile smart devices.

We have a free Padlet up and running available for all parents to access some great resources. Administration will make it easy for our parents to get information and help, during this sensitive time. App available for download on Apple and Android devices.

Please e-mail for any issues related to logging in, online resource help, IT support, or any distant learning related problems that may occur.

We are happy that our students can continue their studies through such innovative and new methods and we hope to have 100% online participation from all our students. Thank you!

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