New parent Orientation 

Welcome New Parents!

On this page you find all information needed to have a successful first day as a Royal Parent:

Welcome to the Royal Family,

6th-12th grade will be dropped off in the main parking lot in front of the stairs leading down to the cafeteria. High School students will wait in the main dining area while middle school students will wait in the loft until 7:55am for prayer, pledge, and morning announcements.


  • Early drop off begins at 6:45am for your convenience.

  • Main office opens at 7:30am

  • School day begins at 7:55am

  • Students are counted TARDY at 8:00am

  • 1st period begins at 8:10am

Please be sure to have your child ready for drop off when you pull in to the parking lot, to avoid any traffic jams. If you need to speak to other parents during drop off, please park or exit the lot first. Please be courteous to all student pedestrians and drivers.

Students dropped off starting at 8:00am are to report to the school office to receive a tardy slip. Tardy slips are only given at the school office, not in the classrooms, and are required for admittance to the classroom after 8:00am.



  • School ends at 3:35pm

All Royals are to exit the main campus and annex right away, if they do not have any extracurricular activities planned. Please arrange for your child to be picked up in a timely manner after dismissal to avoid them waiting past 4pm. If your child will not be picked up right away, contact the main office.

On Rainy days, students in the annex will still be dismissed at 3:35pm but will use the covered awning to enter the main building and wait in the 1st floor hallway at the side entrance/exit to the main parking lot.


8:00 am to 8:10 am- Morning Announcements/Advisory

8:10 am to 9:00 am- 1st Period

9:04 am to 9:54 am- 2nd Period

9:58 am to 10:48 am- 3rd Period

10:52 am to 11:42 am- 4th Period

11:46 am to 12:16 pm- HS Royal Review/MS Lunch

12:20 pm to 12:50 pm- HS Lunch/MS Royal Recess

12:54 pm to 1:44 pm- 5th Period

1:48 pm to 2:38 pm- 6th Period

2:42 pm to 3:32 pm- 7th Period

3:32 pm to 3:35 pm- Afternoon Announcements/Dismissal


Different schedules used for various events (Mass, Prayer Service, Early Release, Pep Rally, Speakers and etc.)


  • Mass will be held once a month and all Royals and friends are welcome to attend.

  • Mass schedule is available at the front office.

  • Please visit our school website for our school calendar.

  • StG Newsletter is emailed at least once a month.

  • The StG Parent-Student Handbook will be available electronically on our website.

  • Emergency information must be updated throughout the year, including phone numbers, addresses, etc. Submit any changes to front office.

  • Lunches can be purchased in advanced or paid through FACTS as students eat lunches. No cash exchange is allowed at lunch, therefore all unpaid lunch items will be billed to FACTS account.

  • Early pick up: Please sign out student(s) at the front desk. Calling in advance will ensure that your child is ready and waiting in the front office. If anyone, other than the parent or guardian, will be picking up the child, they must be named as an authorized pick up and present proper identification before the student is released.

Note: Student departure before 3:00pm constitutes a ½-day absence. Arrival at school at 10:00am or after, constitutes a ½-day absence. A note from parent or doctor explaining the late arrival or early departure is required but does not excuse the absence.


All tuition, fees, and incidental expenses are tracked through your FACTS account. You may access your account through our Parent Portal (Renweb). To log in or create a portal access, click here.


Our Parent Portal gives you access to all the following:

  • Grades

  • Attendance

  • Behavior reports


  • Re-Enrollment

  • and much more

Spirit Day is every Friday, All Royals may wear any approved spirit shirt with jeans and tennis shoes.

Report Cards are issued quarterly. The first quarter report card is issued the week of Parent Teacher Conferences. All Report cards are emailed to parents and a physical copy is given to every student to take home.

Progress reports are issued in the middle of each quarter. This is an opportunity for the parent to monitor and asses their child’s progress and to make adjustments as needed to maximize student performance. The teachers update grades weekly on ParentsWeb; Parents are highly encouraged to check every week to stay current on their child’s progress.

Communication between the teacher and the parent is not only essential but highly beneficial! The first step to solving an issue is to reach out to the teacher. Parents are asked to e-mail the teacher with their questions and concerns. Please allow 48 hours for the teacher to respond and additional time on weekends and holidays.

Parent-Teacher Conferences may be requested by the parent when a concern arises. Most conferences will be held during regular school hours, during the teacher’s prep period or can be scheduled at the teacher’s discretion, before or after school. Please discuss meeting times with teachers directly.


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