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Lunch Process 2019-2020

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

This school year has brought about many exciting changes, but we thought we could clarify a few details on the new lunch process.

Below is the easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to stay on top of the new lunch procedure:

  1. Review calendar with child and decide on which days your child would like to eat lunch as school

  2. Email with the dates you would like your child to eat lunch at school

  3. Print the calendar, place students name on top, mark dates they would like to eat. Turn into the front office.

  4. Send a sheet with the students name and the dates he/she would like to eat.

Quick Lunch Facts

  • Each lunch will be 5.00

  • The student will be billed for meals picked up ONLY not meals ordered. The dates turned in are to be used for purpose of a headcount only.

  • Charges for purchases are entered into FACTS weekly.

  • Pay by calling in your payment (Visa/Mastercard). Send a money order or check with your child. Come into the office and pay cash.


Please DO NOT send money with your children for Lunch as they will no longer be able to purchase emergency lunches with money.

  • IF there is a lunch available and your child needs a lunch, they will sign for the lunch if available and the charge will be entered into FACTS.

  • Cafeteria concessions will be available and will be billed via FACTS. Billing is the same as lunch

  • If you DO NOT want your child to sign for lunch or cafeteria concessions, please let know to not allow.

This is a new process that has been implemented by the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Thank you very much for flexibility.

Denise E. Aguilar Bookkeeper

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