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December Mass & Tamale Breakfast

Plates include: Tamales, Scrambled Eggs, Refried Beans, Flour Tortilla, Pumpkin Empanada, and Coffee, Juice, or Bottled Water.

All ticket money will be due to the front office by Tues., December 08, 2020, so that a headcount can be provided to Mr. Ramirez, who will be preparing our breakfast.

Visit site for more details:

5th Anniversary Mass in Honor of Mr. Maurice Abadie

Mass Honoring Maurice Abadie & Tamale Breakfast for STG Parents/ Family/ Alumni, and Friends of St. Gerard Catholic School Welcome! Members of the Abadie’s family, friends, alumni, and St. Gerard Catholic Church parishioners, also welcome and will be in attendance.

As always, parents are welcome to attend any or all school masses at St. Gerard.

Fr. Donald Willard will be the celebrant. Bonnie Abadie, his widow, will be the guitarist for the mass. Rick McLaughlin will sing a solo piece. The Senior class will assist with all of the mass parts.

St. Gerard is extremely grateful to Mr. Abadie who worked as a Royal for 40 years as a priest, Religion teacher, Principal, President, and Development Director. May he rest in eternal peace and may perpetual light shine upon him.

An offertory will be collected at mass as we always do.

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